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The Women’s Bed and Breakfast Group has established a network of bed and breakfasts throughout the seven Sanctuary villages, offering visitors a traditional Creole style stay. If you are looking for a pleasant and relaxing stay while experiencing the charm of village life, the bed & breakfast option is best for you.
The cabanas in the Nature Resort adjacent to the Sanctuary’s museum offer comfortable accommodations and cool showers, in the heart of the Sanctuary and next to the Sanctuary’s restaurant. Lodges and cabanas are also available in Bermudian Landing, Flower’s Bank, and St. Paul’s Bank. These lodgings offer private facilities, locally prepared meals, and cool showers. Like the Bed and Breakfasts, they allow you to stay in the heart of the sanctuary.
The Howler Monkey Lodge is a short walk from the Museum. Reservations and information for all these accommodations can be made through the CBS at (+501) 633-1748 or by e-mail at

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