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“The community baboon sanctuary is an amazing place to go. The eco lodge is so nice and peaceful and beautiful, and the sanctuary is run by some amazing, dedicated, knowledgeable people. Such a beautiful example of community conservation in action. I would highly recommend!! Say hello to Miss Jessie”

Caitlin D.

“Wow, what an incredible experience!! My family & I visited right after our flight and due to a mix-up with our hotel, we didn’t have a scheduled tour, but they were so accommodating. The monkeys had already “checked-in” for the day and had gone back into the jungle but everyone there worked so hard and found one of the local baboon troops. They were so knowledgeable and walked us around & told us about so much of the local flora & fauna. It was really interesting, even before the baboons! Their community & vision that they have is so cool and definitely something my family & I enjoyed supporting. We came upon a troop of about 7, one of the females even had a baby on her back. It was a great experience to be able to feed wild howler monkeys up close and personal. Even my niece of 1 1/2 years enjoyed seeing the monkeys. And to see them in the wild rather than in a zoo was incredible. We never felt unsafe & would 10/10 recommend visiting the baboon sanctuary.”


“Don’t miss this place - it’s a great experience and it’s a even more special what the sanctuary has done to increase the Howler Monkey population. You will never get closer to a monkey in their natural habitat...ever! Bring bug spray though!”


“Dwayne was our guide. He was great. We got to see the Howler Monkeys and learn so much about them. Don’t miss out on this experience. It is absolutely amazing. It is cruelty-free. You trek to find the monkeys up in the trees. They are NOT mistreated and they are NOT in any sort of cage. They are in their natural habitat in the secondary rainforest. Amazing experience”

Linsey H.

An excellent adventure for those wanting some one-on-one information gathering about the flora and fauna of the area. Wonderful experience visiting with the wild black howlers who are accustomed
to humans so you can get pretty close for some great photos and to truly see the creatures in their natural habitat. Dwayne (Duane. SP?) was a fantastic guide with qualified information to share about plants and animals, birds and general community. The Sanctuary does some much needed work with community and any proceeds go towards saving the howler habitat and supporting the community at large. This is a great way to do more than visit Belize - you actually make a difference by going!”

Marilyn F.

“We visited the Sanctuary on our way from the airport to our accommodations. It was my first adventure in Belize and it was Amazing! The guides (Robert and friend) are so knowledgeable about all of the flora and fauna. We saw a howler family and the male's display did not disappoint. Wow. The sanctuary and staff have done a remarkable job with conservation. I can't wait to go back”

Samantha W.

I went to the community baboon sanctuary as part of a tour in Belize, and it was one of the 3 top things we did - the guide was lovely, funny and knowledgeable and took us into part of the rain forest, telling us lots about the local plants and wildlife before showing us the howler monkeys, they came really close and it was a once in a lifetime experience.
the best thing about this place is they are helping to conserve wildlife through education programs which they will tell you about when you go

Jo W.

This low-key tour is one of the hidden gems of Belize. Through an agreement with local farmers, monkey habitat has been preserved and expanded, while locals find employment as guides. I've been here three times, and always had a great experience with knowledgeable guides who know where to find and provide a good interaction with the howlers for the visitor. They are also knowledgeable about local plants and their uses. On our last visit the troop leader came down and perched in the tree about 10 feet from me, quietly eating leaves and checking me out, for about 10 minutes. It was one of the most moving experiences I've ever had with wild animals. I recommend this experience, and the support of the effort is so important to the local community and maintaining the sanctuary.

Art P.

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