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The Community Baboon Sanctuary Museum opened in April 1989 with museum exhibits coordinated by Dr. Robert H. Horwich. The Lincoln Park Zoological Society, World Wildlife Fund – U.S., and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee County contributed financial support and exhibits. The Belize Audubon Society gave administrative support. For over 15 years, the Museum and Visitor’s Center has been the central point of the Sanctuary. Over the years, the Visitor’s Center has become a center of the community, a place where locals meet to discuss the day’s events, watch a cricket game across the road, and greet visitors. The Museum offers informative displays on the rainforest, the Black Howler Monkey, other flora and fauna in the area, and was updated in the summer of 2004.

Recently, a new building has been constructed which will serve as the welcome center and museum.

For only $10.00USD a visitor can experience both the Museum and a 45-60 minute walk through the Sanctuary trails with a local guide. All tours can be arranged at the Visitor’s Center.

The Museum also houses a gift shop selling locally-produced crafts and t-shirts sporting the CBS logo. It provides informative displays to
help promote environmental education and information on the Black Howler Monkey and other local wildlife.

The CBS restaurant has now been converted to researcher house but catering is still available for guests
upon request.

The Education Center, funded by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, opened in 2003. This space is used to offer summer programs for children, host youth group meetings, and provide a comfortable environment to educate tourists and Belizeans about conservation. It houses the office for the Sanctuary Manager and a computer lab with 5 computers for individuals in the community to use.

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