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The CBS guides are all locals to the Sanctuary and have been life long members of the participating communities. Each guide has been trained through the Belize “National Tour Guide Training Program” and has extensive knowledge of the Sanctuary’s flora and fauna. 


Our trained local guides offer a range of tours. For the casual visitor, there are wonderful nature hikes where you can expect to experience Black Howler Monkeys firsthand, wonder at the majesty of the rainforest, and learn about traditional rainforest medicine.

The more adventurous can enjoy night tours through the rainforest, where you’ll be able to experience the local wildlife when it’s most active. Or take a river tour in search of crocodiles, monkeys, and a host of other wildlife.

This monkey is dropping in to say Happy


$10 per person

Take a gentle walk through the broadleaf forest with 1 of our knowledgeable guides where we can essentially guarantee you will discover a family of Howlers Monkeys moving freely through the trees in their natural habitat; which promises to be an experience that will stay with you. Your guide will answer any questions you have about the monkeys. The guide will also point out and share his knowledge about any other wildlife and medicinal plants that you will surely come across while walking through the forest. Tours run through the day

Duration – 45-60 Minutes
Cost - $10 USD pp
Min. N/A


$30 per person

Take a trip down history, down the Belize River where you will do as the Mayans and our ancestors did often as they moved from the coast to inland Belize. Drift downstream and enjoy the scenery of a myriad of birds, iguanas, and of course monkeys as they rest and feed in the riparian forest along the river. The chance to see a wide variety of wildlife is great as this is the main water source within the sanctuary.

If you are lucky, you may also get to see the Morlet Crocodile which promises to be very shy!

Tours run through the day.

Duration - 90-120 Minutes
Cost- $30 USD pp
Min. 2p



$55 per person

Paddle away into the night on the lazy mussel creek to look for the elusive Morlet Crocodile. This is a great opportunity to see these living dinosaurs when they are most active in their natural habitat. Look for these amazing creatures with headlamps and a spotlight that causes their eyes to light up and be seen
from a distance away.

Be quiet as your guide stealthily gets you right up close to these amazing
creatures for a chilling experience but one to share with your buddies for years to come.

Tour starts at 6.30 in the evening.

Duration – 2 hrs
Cost - $55 USD pp
Min. 2p


$20 per person

Have you ever been out into the forest at night? Well, here is an opportunity to do just that and follow your guide into the forest to experience a night where your other senses take over. You will get to hear and feel another side of the forest you would never have in the day.

Stop and turn off your lights, gaze up into the stars, listen to the insects, birds and other nocturnal animals make little noise as they move on the forest floor and up in the trees feeding. There is no guarantee but the chances are great to see some nocturnal wildlife like night birds, spiders, armadillo, and kinkajou!

Duration – 90 minutes
Cost $20 USD pp
Min. 2 p



$30 per person

Birding with experienced guides starts at 5:00 am. There are over 125 species of birds found along the Belize River and Mussel Creek and in the forest, especially during the months of December – June.


Starts at $150USD

Visiting the CBS with a group and want to learn more about the Creole people and culture. We can help you with that. Our community can make put together a series of cultural presentations which include task and activities of our culture such as Rice beating and fanning, cashew seed roasting and breaking,

Kiss Kiss making (Local Tongs), Kriol stories and songs, live drummers, history of the creole talk, and lunch
can be done. These are some of the activities that we can do for your group but the experience is not limited to just these.

Contact us to discuss the different options and get a quote to get the full Kriol experience for your group.

Duration – 30 -60 minutes
Cost – Starts at $150 USD but varies based on activities presented.

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